University as a center of academic, reference should be the development of technologies that can produce work for human life. Competition between Universities around the world, in special cases such as robots can trigger the development of technologies that benefit more people faster. So over time and bekembanganya berjalanya era, the technology will allow human life. And the main one of this program, is to create new technologies, more specifically the field of shipping (maritime) which use the media robot.

The purpose of this competition is to provide opportunities for students to experience the challenges and develop skills in technology to solve realistic missions with autonomous vehicles in the maritime environment and foster relationships between young engineers and the organizations developing Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) technology. This competition consists of two parts: design and performance. Part design is based on an innovative system concepts, rigorous engineering, and construction of a well-crafted functional vehicles to perform missions. Part performance of an in-situ demonstration of the ability of vehicles to carry out the duties assigned missions.

And now it's time Roboboat Diponegoro University present to answer all such questions

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lukmanhakimposo mengatakan...

Mana Team Worknya? Siapa aja? Anak elektro, perkapalan, mesin, sama siapa aja? Foto bareng dong, Jangan lupa upload pertandingan nya di sana ya pak? sama foto2 selingan liburan disana
Lukman Hakim Ma'aruf
Alumni Elektro Undip thn 1996

azzaki alghifari mengatakan...

wahhh yg komen di atas temen ayah saya tuh, ayah saya alumni elektro undip 1996, lulus 1998 (ektensi)

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